Spring – May

What’s good in May?


Roast LambSpring lamb is at its very best right now. It is so tender that it can be cooked in many different ways – roasted, grilled or fried. Try a roasted rack with a herb crust.





Purple Sprouting BroccoliPurple Sprouting Broccolli is delicious and delicate and many people prefer it to asparagus. Serve it with butter and salt and eat with your fingers!






WatercressWatercress is fantastic in a salad, with its distinctive peppery taste. It also makes really good soup. Use it in place of basil to make pesto. Watercress sauce is delicious with fish, especially salmon.





Crab LinguineCrab is also at its best right now. We can order crab meat for you if you ask in the shop. Make crab cakes, a crab tart, or try a crab and watercress salad.  It is also delicious with pasta Рtry a crab linguine with garlic, parsley, chilli and lemon