A project we started in January 2011, was to take the farm to a new level.  We introduced some free range pigs. We started with just 12 bonhams but due to the huge demand for pork from our customers, we realised that we needed to increase our numbers.Roast pork with cracklingPork ribs on the barbeque

As a result we increased our numbers and we are now raising 40 pigs at a time.

We raise the traditional breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback and Tamworth. They are free to wander and root in natural woodland. It is very important to us that the pigs are happy and live in a stress free environment.

Our customers have regularly commented that “this is pork like it used to be”. The difference in taste between slowly raised traditional breeds and commercial pork is huge. Come and try it for yourself!

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